Driveway, Patio, or Sidewalk

So you are thinking of having a concrete driveway or patio installed?  Or even a pool?  All of these will add striking beauty and practicality to your home.  Imagine sitting out on your beautiful stamped concrete patio sipping a cool drink and enjoying the sunset.  All these things are wonderful additions to a home and bring a huge amount of value to the home as well.  You will get some if not all of your money back when you sell the house.

But these types of projects are certainly not for the DIYer.  Even pouring a concrete walkway from the driveway to the door can involve a lot of challenges and be very time consuming and complicated. Getting the foundation right is key to these kinds of things. You need to determine how much weight will be on the concrete to know what kind of base to use and how thick to make the concrete. Mistakes here can be very painful as the concrete can crack and this is difficult to repair. Settling of the ground underneath it will also cause huge issues.

You are better served to hire a contractor for this type of work. But first, as we discussed on the home page, you need to learn a lot about what is going to happen before selecting a contractor. A good site for gathering a lot of valuable information is richmond concrete pros. You can learn a tremendous amount about your project and know all the right questions to ask by studying this site closely. Once you have gathered all the info you need, you are ready to interview a few concrete specialists to discuss the job. Keep in mind stamping and coloring as both of these can add striking beauty to the work.